Realizing the need to help the global Muslim to deal with the pressures of modern life without straying from the Islamic path, the Growing Muslims Above Poverty Multi-Purpose Co-operative Society Limited (G-Mapo Mpcs Ltd) spearheaded a new framework of creativity and productivity built around the solid guidance of Qur’anic teachings and Sunnah and merged it with the best modern productive techniques and social sciences.


Amalgamated under this mission to serve the Ummah, our global team is dedicated to delivering productivity resources and advanced skill acquisition trainings aligned with Islam. Insha-Allah, we sincerely pray our efforts  in this way, will help our fellow Muslims reach their full creativity and productive potential, so that they can contribute socio-economically, financially and righteously to their family, society and service to Allah SWT thereby achieving general wellbeing on earth and ultimately attaining Jannat (paradise). Supportively, Allah said: “The condition of a people will never change until they (are genuinely ready and committed) to change what is in themselves”.


The Growing Muslims Above Poverty Multi-Purpose Co-operative Society Limited (G-MAPO MPCS Ltd) is a Non-Governmental Business Organization, whose activities, mission, vision and aims are geared towards positively overhauling the social, financial and economic nature Muslims at all levels and guaranteed them equal and accessible economic general wellbeing for all.


It is registered with Edo State Government, Nigeria, No. 00110877 and has since, rendering unique services to the Muslims Ummah everywhere in Nigeria. In order to sustain these broad vision and objectives, G-MAPO MPCS is envisioned as an Islamic Micro-Finance Bank Limited to provide all-inclusive services to the UMMAH.